Blue Dart Tracking Chrome Extension

In this modern world, we want everything to be at our finger tips and is reachable quickly. Keeping this in mind, build browser apps has developed a chrome extension for tracking the status of the blue dart shipment. You might be wondering how is it different from the other types of tracking methods. This is actually a straightforward way to check the courier status.

How the Tracking Extension Works

This is no different from the other methods of tracking. However, it offers saving of the waybill numbers in the browser cache. The extension allows up to caching of last 25 waybill numbers. Now it will become easier for you to track the status by simply clicking on the recent waybill number. Here comes the interesting part of this extension. As and when you open the browser, it will contact the blue dart server in the background and update the progress of the shipment in your browser. You have to simply click on the chrome extension button to see the consignment progress. An updated status can be get by refreshing the button in the extension.

Another important feature is you can track the status of up to 25 shipments. For this you have to enter all the reference numbers separated by a coma.

blue dart tracking chrome extension
Blue Dart Fast Tracking by Chrome Extension

How the Blue Dart Tracking Extension is Developed

The blue dart tracking extension is developed using the google chrome extension. This is written in customized java script which actually developed by the Google. Getting into the details of this tracking extension development is out of scope. However, we will give you an overview of how it is developed.

When the user enters the reference number in the tracking box, the in built Java script reads it and sends a request to the blue dart server. Then the blue dart will respond with the return status along with the progress of the shipment. The extension then handles the request by parsing it and applying the proper format. After that it will show the blue dart tracking status to the user.

In simple terms the blue dart chrome extension is very easy to use and the status can be tracked very quickly. As a blue dart customer you have to enter the waybill number once and it will automatically update the shipment status.

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