I am Mark and currently working as an app developer in a well-known software company. I have always a dream to start a blog and put all my technical stuff into it. Recently I have developed a mobile application and a chrome extension for tracking the blue dart courier shipment. Still I have not published them live. Our team members are currently testing these and it will take some time.

You might be wondering why I have developed this and the reason is very simple. I like to access any thing at finger tips. For example, if you want to track the blue dart shipment you have to go to blue dart website, enter the tracking number and then you will get the progress of the consignment.

With our chrome extension, you just have to install it once in your browser. Then it will become very easy for you to track the status. Anyhow I will write a detail guide on how to use our chrome extension in my future posts. Meanwhile I am also working on the mobile application part. Soon it will be over and you can pretty easily use from your mobile.

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