How Blue Dart Dispatches Shipments

Blue dart as a courier service company operates and manages the courier operations. Have you ever wondered how it actually carries out the operations and dispatches the courier? It has set up sort machines in different cities which automatically sorts out the consignments by scanning the bar code and pin code on the covers.

The Machine at Bangalore location is the biggest one and is an example of blue Dart's commitment to faster and efficient technologies to serve its customers better and out do competition.The machine is mixed mail sorter machine in which domestic priority, international articles can be processed. The un sorted couriers are physically processed by the employees. The domestic priority consignments leave the machine through a conveyor belt or the battery-operated car they are scanned for dispatch at the mail agency. These consignments are loaded in mail vans and are ready to be sent to various destinations within and outside Bangalore. All the blue dart shipments have a tracking number through which the status of shipments can be known. The blue dart tracking of the consignment can be tracked online on the BlueDart website.

Dispatching of Consignments

Once the x-ray scan of the consignments is done they are carried in the battery operated cast and sent for loading at the airport. There, they are loaded onto a flight and sent to other destinations. Bangalore Airport is among the largest transit mail offices in the country. Thousands of mail bags from all over the country are exchanged here everyday. The office has been recently shifted to this complex. This has helped and faster receipt and dispatch of these bags both within Bangalore as well as outside.

Different airline companies are bound to deliver the mail bags on time to the blue dart complex. They are then unloaded scanned and sorted according to their destinations. The domestic priority courier both from the bulk customers as well as the retail customers are sorted on the parcel sorting machine or LSM in the machine whole of the complex. The machine sorts shipments of different sizes and pin codes through a scanner and cameras.

Once the consignments are sorted and packed they are loaded onto mail vans and sent to their respective destinations. Another very significant service provided by the blue dart is the domestic priority, that is used mostly by the e-commerce industry. Just likes people's parcels, it collects transmits processes and delivers parcels on priority and with utmost care. This is how blue dart sorts and dispatches couriers to the customers.

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