Blue Dart Signature Box

Blue dart courier has launched a high tech device called signature box. This is an electronic gadget which looks like a small mobile device. You can have a look at the un-boxing video of this device.

The purpose of this device is to get an acknowledgement from the consignee for receiving the shipment. The consignee has to sign on this device by using a stylus. As soon as the consignee acknowledges the shipment, an SMS will be delivered to the sender regarding the status of the courier. The shipment status can be checked using our mobile application or chrome extension which we have developed. It will go live soon. Mean while you can check the progress on official blue dart website.


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  2. This is so cool! I keep getting surprised every time science and technology does something. This is so interesting. I just got my package delivered yesterday by medical courier deliveries and they had this device. I didn’t understand what exactly it was because I was in a rush but it was amazing knowing about it now.